Answering Questions

Answering Questions

In Arizona unions are growing and we feel it’s part of the nature of our current economy. It’s true that only through unions the middle class flourished. Parents who worked 40 hours or more a week in the trades were assured that they would be able to provide their children a better or at least equal future of opportunities. The last few decades have seen the decline of collective bargaining union agreements and the very apparent lack of opportunity for growth. Unions are now in a position to move forward and help renew the promise through organizing and planning.

This is where IATSE 336 is willing and able to answer your questions about how the IATSE contracts work, what you need to do to become a member, why you should join the IATSE, training opportunities, and what kind of benefits you can expect.

We are ready to take on the challenges ahead – the question is are you?


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